home again!

I’m home!

The last 3 days of tour were spend in the excruciating humidity of New York City, but I still had a great time spending the last few days with friends who are now 8 time zones away. I can’t help myself from doing the maths from time to time.

So, I’m back in Portland with a yard and garden that desperately needs my attention so I’ll have to attend to that. Jackie and OJ seem happy that I’m back. They were waiting at the gate for me… not the gate at the airport as someone suggested but at the back gate. Jackie also proceeded to sleep on my head being a great cat hat to show is appreciation.

Yesterday Paul and I got burritos at my favorite (and conveniently located by my house) taco cart. Then we rode our bikes to do some grocery shopping. There was a perfect Portland misty rain and it made me really happy to be home.

Maybe soon I’ll write more of an update about tour but for now I have a ridiculous amount of photos uploaded to facebook that you can check out here. Looking through them seems like the things happened so long ago. Good times!

Right now I’m really into the autumn weather, cooking in my kitchen, listening to my new records, cleaning up my messy office and reclaiming my shipping table now that Steve has gone back to his tiny island and the office is no longer the Brain-Lad office.

I have a new zine in my head and I’m going to make more of the Copy Scams tapes and put them up on Etsy. Somehow we went through 25 of them? I think I gave away 5 but still, 20 people paid money for our silly tape of 4 songs put together in 3 weeks? Rad! There is even talk of putting it out as a 7″. We’ll see what becomes of that.


4 responses to “home again!

  1. I read etsy as ebay and thought “what the fuck?” hahaha

  2. Pictures of a cat hat would not be unwelcome… and welcome home, too! 🙂

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