Zines On Toast tour has made it to the bay area!

So much has been going on! The 10th Portland Zine Symposium was awesome! The Copy Scams were pretty good. We didn’t make total fools over ourselves and people genuinely seemed to dig us!  We might be  making some more tapes when we get back if anyone else wants so copies…. We might even get a digital version at some point. I also took a million photobooth pictures with friends and it was great!

Monday after the symposium I finished up with my work at the rest of the tour crew headed to the Olympic peninsula for camping. I met them on Tuesday in Seattle for our show at ZAPP. The next day we explored Seattle a bit and headed to Olympia. I stupidly updated my google phone which messed it up and I had to have it wiped. I literally lost ALL of my contacts! Both the backup assist and the google back up didn’t work. ugh.

Next we headed home so I had one night more with Paul. Then we headed to the Redwoods for camping. At night we sat in a field drinking cheap wine and staring into the Milky Way. The UK kids had never seen the Milky Way before. In the morning we walked through some forests making Ewok sounds. We drove down to Oakland where we ate some Ethiopain food that kicked our ass and crashed out after some good beer.

Today we were at the San Francisco Zine Fest. It went pretty well. It’s nice to have a table with 5 other people so we can all get some time to get away. Tomorrow we have our reading/discussion about zines. It should be fun!

If you haven’t already you should check out our blog about the tour on ZINESONTOAST.ORG and see what we all have to say!


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