transcript of the Proclamation for the Portland Zine Symposium

Getting to speak a city council about zines with Blue and Justin was awesome this morning!

Here is the text of the proclamation:

Whereas, the significance of zines and independent publishing is recognized throughout the world by the existence and celebration of International Zine Month; and
Whereas, zines create an outlet for any person anywhere to express themselves and share their ideas; and
Whereas, the creation, publication and distribution of zines and independently made publications is a manifestation of our First Amendment Rights; and
Whereas, zines provide a forum for all ideas, stories and histories to be shared regardless of class, race, age, gender, religion, and sexuality; and
Whereas, Portland represents a city in support of independent and self publishing individuals
representing their own unique voices; and
Whereas, Portland is home to such institutions as the Independent Publishing Resource Center as well countless other organizations and small businesses which support zine publishing and distribution; and

Whereas, the Portland Zine Symposium is a conference and zine social exploring facets of independent publishing and D.I.Y. culture; and
Whereas, the Portland Zine Symposium is celebrating its tenth anniversary, making it the longest running zine conference;

Now, therefore, I, Sam Adams, Mayor of the City of Portland, Oregon, the “City of Roses,” do hereby proclaim August 28th & 29th, 2010 to be

A weekend in recognition of the
10th Annual Portland Zine Symposium
in Portland, and encourage all residents to observe this weekend and commend the many local businesses for their support of zines and non-profit organizations for their efforts in ongoing education, and urge our citizens to appreciate the diversity and sense of an inclusive community represented by these groups and their efforts.


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