Symposium stuffs!

Does anyone have any neat Portland Zine Symposium trivia? I’m working on submitting something to the 10th Anniversary zine. You know, like the Portland Zine Symposium has been held in 4 different location on the PSU campus and how the 2006 Portland Zine Symposium ruined 3 relationships (that we know of!) Any more to add?

We are scheduling a Zinester Feud at Floating World Comics after the symposium on Saturday. Is is based on the game Family Feud (or Family Fortunes for our UK friends) For this to work we need to compile survey answers from you , the zine public. So, even if you can’t make it to the Portland Zine Symposium you can influence it! Please go here and fill out the survey. We are also going to try to stream it like we did with with the 24 hour zine challenge!

So, the band that we have started since Steve has been in town has a show! On Sunday August 29th after the Portland Zine Symposium! You should come! We are also working on a 4 track recording to be released only on cassette! 5 songs about getting caught stealing copies, lists of things we like/dislike, the 24 hour zine challenge and more!

After that, I head out for the Zines On Toast tour!


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