Zines On Toast, Portland Zine Symposium… Zines! zines! Zines!

So, It’s August and the end of this month brings a bunch of stuff to a close. Here’s some stuff about some things:

24 Hour Zine Challenge:

I made a 24 hour zine about all of the post boxes I have had. There are short stories about who I shared it with or things that happened including Paul’s stalker that worked at the postal outlet! It is Brainscan 25.5 and I’ll have them for trade only at the Portland Zine Symposium and on the Zines on Toast tour. Fellow zine symposium organizer, Derek, reviewed Brainscan 25.5 on his blog Overglued.

On of the contestants did some interviews at the event. You can check it out here and see what we had to say.

The Portland Zine Symposium is August 28-28! There are no full tables left BUT there are some half tables left. So, if you are in Portland you should register your table soon soon soon. I think we are pretty close to having a full workshop schedule but there are  few panels that could use some extra folks. I’d like to have a panel on Zine Ethics. If you or anyone you know would like to be on the panel let me know.

Zines on toast! We have finalized all our tour dates! Please come out and see us if we are in your area. I’d love to meet! Here are the finalized dates and locations!

26 Aug- Portland, Oregon (7PM Reading Frenzy-921 Southwest Oak Street)
28 Aug- Portland, Oregon (10-5 Portland Zine Symposium-PSU Stott Gym)

29 August- Portland, Oregon (11-4 Portland Zine Symposium-PSU Stott Gym)

31 AUG- Seattle, WA (Richard HUGO HOUSE 1634 11TH ave)

1 Sept- Olympia, WA (7PM Northern 321 4th Avenue)
4 Sept- San Francisco ,CA (San Francisco Zine Fest-County Fair building)
5 Sept- San Francisco ,CA (San Francisco Zine Fest-County Fair building)
7 Sept- Santa Cruz, CA (Sub Rosa 703 Pacific Avenue)
8 Sept- San Diego, CA (2754 sNOWDROP sT)
12 Sept- Salt Lake City, UT (rAUNCH RECORCDS 1119 E 2100 S)
14 Sept- Denver, CO (27 Social Center, 2727 W 27th Avenue)
16 Sept- Minneapolis, MN (Minneapolis Center for Book arts 1011 Washington Ave South)
17 Sept- Milwaukee, WI (Cream City Collectives 732 e Clarke St.)
18 Sept- Chicago, IL (Quimby’s Books 1854 West North Avenue)
20 Sept- Columbus, OH (Wholly Craft 3169 North High Street)
22 Sept- Asheville ,NC (Firestorm cafe and books 48 Commerce St.)
23 Sept- Chapel Hill, NC (Internationalist books, 405 W Franklin Street
24 Sept- Richmond, VA (Chop Suey Books 2913 West Cary Street)
26 Sept- Baltimore, MD (Atomic Books 3620 Falls Road)
27 Sept- Philadelphia, PA (Wooden Shoe 704 South St)
28 Sept- New York, NY (Barnard College Library 3009 Broadway enter campus at 117th st)
29 Sept- New York, NY (Blue Stockings Books 172 Allen St)


3 responses to “Zines On Toast, Portland Zine Symposium… Zines! zines! Zines!

  1. You guys should swing by The Business in Anacortes, WA!

  2. Thanks for coming by santa cruz! I enjoyed it thoroughly and was inspired to stay active and continue crafting zines!

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