Well, there certainly has been a spike in hits for this blog since the last post. I’m trying to figure out if I have the time and energy to make a more detailed version of that post into a zine before the symposium. There are more things that seemed extraneous to post online but might work well on paper. We’ll see if it comes through. Time is closing in on me and it seems that I’m adding things to my to-do list as soon as I check things off. I’m planning a national zine tour (Zines on toast! check out the awesome website), finishing up Portland Zine Symposium organizing, and tomorrow Paul and I are headed to Denver to see the Warlock Pinchers reunion! They are a band I have listened to since jr. high and never got to se live… that sort of seems like a them from the past year of shows I have gone to: Dead Milkmen, Screeching Weasel, The Pixies, and now the Warlock Pinchers! Awesome!

What that all being said, I have been informed that Joe is now starting a third accountability attempt. I can’t help but think that, had he been anyone else, no one would have even given him a second try. I have to find a messed up sort of humor in the fact that he even has privilege in getting more chances than other people. weird. I haven’t read Joe’s We Make Zines statement but I read Ciara’s recap and it reads like the demented rantings of a lunatic with a Twinkie defense. I’ve gotten similar letters from Joe that tell me nothing I want to hear so what’s the point?

Thank you everyone for your support both public and private from the e-mails, facebook messages, blog posts and replies, Etsy messages, phone calls and texts. I really means a lot to me to hear words of encouragement. It was hard to muster the words I posted but I am so very glad I did. I have also noticed the discussions of power within activist/DIY communities and think that raising awareness about it is so important. Here are a couple of links to these discussions and general discussions on it that I am aware of:

Feminist Memory


order of the gash

there’s our catastrophe

And when my blog was posted to facebook it got….interesting

And with that I’m off to finish my laundry and packing before heading to Denver tomorrow morning.


2 responses to “aftermath.

  1. Hey Alex,

    So, maybe I’m completely web illiterate, but I couldn’t find an email address or some other way to get a hold of you on the net.

    My name is Dave and I’m a collective member with the 27 Social Centre here in Denver. We’re hosting an event for the “Off the Chainring” Tour in a week and half (and then your tour next month), and wanted to check in with you.

    When the event was booked, we had no idea Joe was on the tour. Now that we have seen the poster and made the connections, we wanted to see what would be the most appropriate way to handle this and to show support for you.

    Should we cancel the event? Should we do something more creative? Some ideas floated around include having Joe only be able to discuss this situation and the newest accountability process or allowing the rest of the event to happen, but not allowing Joe to participate.

    Please contact us… or if you’re still in Denver, drop by the center from 8-4 anytime during the week… we’re around staffing the print shop here during those hours and would love to talk to you.

    Thanks, and hope all is well!

    27 Social Centre
    Denver ABC

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