Catching vandals and an early birthday

The other night we were hanging out in our living room and I caught a glimpse of what looked like someone tagging the sidewalk. I grabbed the laser pointer we use to play withe cats and shined it right at the kid. He ran very fast and we all sat around giggling about it. Then we went out to look and found that our neighborhood was covered in chalk graffiti. In Portland. Where it rains a lot. Stupid kids getting to have a summer vacation!

Tomorrow is my 33rd Birthday! I’m headed to Riverhouse tonight with some friends and then again tomorrow night. I think it will be waffle weekend! I have also sorts of ridiculous waffle ideas. Pesto waffles! Broccoli cheese waffles! soyrizo waffels! There may also be a ridiculous amount of doughnuts. Paul brought home 2 buckets of doughnuts that his friend was supposed to pick up but hasn’t yet.

I bought some stams including Simpsons stamps.


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