two of my favorites…

Another busy week of visitors and button work. There was even a wedding mixed in there too!

Besides all the irises that ring my yard there are two other plants that show up every year: Egyptian Walking Onions and Love-In-A-Mist. They have been here longer than I have and I am happy to see them ever year!

Egyptian Walking Onions are awesome! They can be eaten young like green onions or you can let them grow and eat them like shallots. If you let them grow they make their own little bulbs at the top and send out weird alien spindly shoots that form yet more bulbs! The bulbs and shoots eventually weigh down the plant or reach the ground and plant themselves, hence, “walking”. I like that they sort of meander around my yard from place to play. I also send off bulbs to people to start their own walking garden. Let me know if you would like some.

these onions were made for walking...ok, that was dumb. I'm sorry.


Love-In-A-Mist reminds me of two things; that the plant looks like it should grow underwater, and that my ex-boyfriend had them growing outside his cottage when I was 18. They are one of the first green things to start growing in my yard each year and shoot up fluffy, fuzzy stems that eventually form intricate blue star shaped flowers. They are just so dreamy to me!

Love in a Mist easily reseeds itself which is great. I wonder if these plants are completely adapted to grow under my cedar tree because my neighbor tried to get some to grow in her yard and it didn’t work as well. At any rate, I love these reseeding annuals.

I made a facebook photo album of the cats at my house. I figure if I’m becoming a crazy cat lady then why not document it?


5 responses to “two of my favorites…

  1. I really enjoy your garden photos!

  2. I love your pictures of Love in a Mist!! I might have to get one.

    • I can send you a bunch of seeds when they set. Do you remember that weird red house with a picket fence that Robert lived in that was behind some apartments? There were a bunch growing there and they always reminded me of underwater plants.

  3. Hey, hey, I could use some walking onions for sure! I also love the Love-in-a-Mist plants, maybe I should try seeding some in my backyard in the shade, I doubt anything else will grow there…

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