a good review! An inteview! An Etsy Treasury!

Three things that are not photos of plants in my yard:

1) Brainscan #24/#25 was reviewed in the Feminist Review blog. It’s a pretty great review I think. Check it out here.

2) I did an e-mail interview with Dan Copulsky at Question Riot. It’s not too long, you can read it here.

3) What is up with all the Etsy Treasury love? I have been in two this week and one last week! This on here has a bag of my coffee AND one of my buttons in it.

Ok, time to get out of bed. It’s difficult when I’m sandwiched by cat who apparently needed to sleep extra close and Paul who was apparently thinking the same thing.


2 responses to “a good review! An inteview! An Etsy Treasury!

  1. It’s fun to sit on the other side of the world and read what you have to say. You are a very positive writer and that is why etsy stuff comes to you. I also managed to buy the norden by the way! It fits perfectly into the kitchen!

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