The battle between me and the wisteria earns me well deserved beer!

After finishing up some buttons this morning I struggled with the wisteria on my porch. there are three wisteria plants but only one of them blooms. Maybe the other two don’t get enough sunlight? Who know. The problem is that they completely dominate my porch. So, I took some string and some clippers and show it! It went from this:

to this:

I also swept the sidwalk of the needles that our cedar tree constantly drops and finally gave up for the day at about the time Paul got up. My arms are covered in scratches that make me look like a wrestled a cat  but my yard looks great!

After that we took a walk down to Mississippi, shared a pitcher of Amnesia’s Copecetic IPA and stopped by Bridgetown Beerhouse, or favorite bottleshop in Portland. It is always a struggle on Mississippi of whether to spend our money there or around the corner at Mississippi Records. Often time the beer shop wins out.


2 responses to “The battle between me and the wisteria earns me well deserved beer!

  1. Yep, I think you won. There’s Wisteria on the front of our place. Jason calls it Hysteria. I really hope it blooms. Didn’t see any flowers on it last summer when we bought the place though. 😦

  2. The transformation is amazing. Love, love your house. Portland is very cool. I visited last august-loved it. I covet my zines, hubby doesn’t understand why I can’t ever throw them away.

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