yard labyrinth

The past two days were beautiful in Portland. So beautiful that I got my first sunburn! i cleared my side yard of grass, put down landscape fabric, and covered it in a tiny bit of soil. I have dreamed of putting in a labyrinth for the past few years but wasn’t sure how to do it. I taught myself to draw labyrinths last year and decided I would just mark one out with rocks in the yard and place small bits of moss down that i hope will grow larger.

Well, here it is:

the view from my back walkway into the side yard.

here's a rose my yard. I'm not a bit fan of roses. I think they are the prima donna of plants. There are so many plants that are understated but roses get a lot of attention. As much and I want to get rid of the roses in my yard I feel I have an obligation to keep them. Portland is the Rose City after all!

I’ll post more photos of the yard and the labyrinth as time goes on so stay tunes…or come on  over if you would like to walk it. It is small but still walkable.


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