zine symposium, an untended garden, and work to do.

It’s been a busy few weeks. I have had steady massive orders of buttons that I have just now completed … which is good because I have been sick for the past few days. I blame it on a certain zine symposium organizer who seemed to get two of us sick after one meeting! Oh well, we still love you!

Speaking of the zine symposium. Did you know that you can donate your time, resources and (unfortunately) but most importantly, money to the Portland Zine Symposium? This year our operating costs have sky rocketed and we are faced with paying very much more money than we ever have in the past for this event. Any amount is helpful from $5-$1,000! For more info check it out here. This year we are even offering gifts, as if we were public radio or something! Stickers, t-shirts, and mugs from past years will be sent for different donation levels. Ok, so really it is also a way to get rid of the stock pile of this stuff hanging out in the basement. If you want to order specific things you can go to the store here and chose what you get. Derek is coming over in a bit and we are going to start packing up the latest donations and getting them out in the mail.

Currently I’m sitting on my porch enjoying the much needed Portland Spring sun. It seems like we had two false starts to spring this year leaving everyone a little more depressed each time. But, the view from my porch is awesome! The last of the red camellias, rad tulips, purple money plant flowers (moonwort/honesty) bluebells, yellow rue, and the very first Iris has blossomed and it happens to be white with veins of lavender.

This is all nice but I haven’t had time to work in my yard much. I cleared out the area next to my door  and cleared the weeds in the veggie garden yesterday. I found my celery made it through the winter and the broccoli reseeded itself a bit! But, right now the UPS guy dropped off another 5,000 button parts, I have finished my coffee, the cats are off chasing invisible faeries and not keeping me company on the porch, and my laptop battery is about to die so I’m going to head inside.

My house is hollyhock green


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