Far away friends, lap cats, and the Tagalongs

I have saved almost all of my my postcards I have received over the years and I have put a good portion of them on the wall of my office. Here is a photo of some of them.

And here is a cat that snuck into my office and fell asleep on my cloak. His name is OJ. He used to seem pretty tough until the raccoon incident but now he’s turning out to be a nice lapcat.

Also, Paul, Marc, Lisa, and Ryan (The Tagalongs!) are playing tonight at Plan B. That’s where I’ll be, you should come to.


3 responses to “Far away friends, lap cats, and the Tagalongs

  1. Hi! I just read Brainscan 25 – it was my first Brainscan even though I have heard of it over the years. Anyway, I have a dilemma! I really enjoyed it and thought it was fab BUT I’VE LOST THE EPILOGUE. I have been looking for the past hour and it’s totally disappeared. Noooo! Would you perhaps be able to mail me the epilogue seperately?!

    • Oh no! The Epilogue ties everything together! e-mail me and I’ll send a copy. i have extras. alexATsmallworldbuttonDOTcom

      • Okay. So I couldn’t get my email to work so I messaged you on facebook. BUT as of five minutes ago, I just found it tucked inside another zine 😀 SO hooray, I’m reading it now.


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