Caleb Came to Visit Part 2!

So, last Friday Caleb and I went to go pick up the rental car at the airport and then headed up to the Riverhouse to see my parents. I wanted Caleb to meet my mom because my mom is rad and Caleb is rad… and I also wanted Caleb to see the Riverhouse. We climbed along the rocks on the banks of the river for awhile, drank the beer my mom got for us, hung out with the next door neighbors and then my parents took off for dinner with friends. We made food and spent the evening staring at the fire and talking talking talking. Webly and Brain showed up later and my parents came home much later. Caleb and fell asleep on the couches in front of the fire.

The next day was glorious. The sun was shinning but the next few days had predicted rain again so we thought this might be our last chance to head up The Gorge so we took off in the afternoon down the old highway on the Oregon side. Our first stop was Crown Point.

Hard to take these kinds of photos when I'm short and it's super windy. Check out part of my new awesome purple hoodie with unicorns and stars on it that i picked up at a the Good Will in the the way out of Battle Ground! It is my favorite new hoodie.

We skipped Multnomah Falls because it was packed and there was no room to Park and headed to Hood River. We stopped at the Full Sale Brewery and ate some food with the awesome view of the Columbia River right outside. Then we headed up Mt. Hood to get to the Timberline Lodge. It’s at about 6,000 feet above sea level and we had some epic sites with Mt. hood looming majestic but were too in awe to take photos.

Caleb ever laughing. The exterior of the lodge was used in The Shining.

Looking the opposite way you can see several mountains looking south and the clouds were rolling in.

Looking South East.

We got home just in time to meet Paul to go to see one of his bands’ play a show. Paul left a bit earlier and I went with Caleb and Maggie. It turned out that the venue had shut down without notifying the bands. So we all went to Vendetta for beers but there was some weird party going on. Paul was gifted a child sized accordion and was playing it under the table. Everyone seemed to dig it and seemed to need to mention to Paul when they realized it was someone actually playing and not a recording at the bar!

The next day I had work to catch up. Caleb has a button maker too so he helped me out a lot! People often offer to help me make buttons and sometimes it seems more time consuming to have to teach them than just doing it all myself. I have been making custom buttons for almost 10 years now and I have a system about it… or you could say I’m a little neurotic about the details. It was nice to know I didn’t have to explain things like making sure you cut the circles perfectly, which way the parts go in the machine or to make sure to check that you aren’t pressing two mylars.

Maggie and Caleb later went on their own adventure and I went to a zine symposium meeting where we chose the artwork for 2010! The site should be changed soon and the tabling registration should be up in a day or two. Remember the dates! August 28-29!

I walked home from the meeting with Doug from some crucial talks. He’s a great supportive and understanding friend and I’m glad to have made his acquaintance. I still find it odd that we both grew up in Utah but it took zines and Portland for us to get to know each other.  We got to my house and met up with Caleb and Maggie then walked down to the Alibi for Sunday Karaoke. I don’t ever sing Karaoke but it was fun to hang out with friends and stuff.

Monday I can’t remember what we did exactly. I know that Steve called me on Skype in the morning to let me know that his Visa, that I wrote a letter of invitation for, was approved! I was excited to find that out. I think Maggie and Caleb went on another adventure trying to find the 3-D Museum that was closed.

Tuesday we woke Paul up sort of early for him and got in the car to head to the ocean. We picked up two hitchhikers and dropped them off in Seaside where I bought a bunch of Salt Water taffy… It is sort of a weakness of mine. Then we headed up North to Astoria, the city Goonies was shot in. We found the bowling alley and the jail pretty easy but got ourselves pleasantly lost in the giant hills of the city looking for the Goonies house.

sad remains of a very large douglas fir right around the corner from the Jail.

The Goonies House!

Years ago Paul and I talked about making a zine out of images looking away from famous places. This is the view from the Goonies house. It is beautiful but I don't think it was in the movie.

Paul and Caleb walking back down the drive way.

We found and awesome brewery called Fr. George where they had vegan chili fries! Paul looked at the menu and looked at the sever and said “You have everything to make nachos on your menu but you don’t have nachos on your menu?” the server said “yup” so paul ordered a burrito. When the guy came out with our food he handed Paul and plate of nachos and said “don’t say I never did anything for ya” Rad! The food was good, the beer was good, the service was awesome. We are so going back there. Also, they had this really great house hot sause made by a 14 year old boy that I wish I could remember the name of.

After that we headed back down to coast stopping in Cannon beach for beer and hoping to make it to Manzanita for sunset. We barely made it! We parked the car by the beach and sat on a huge log and three of us cracked the three beers I had put in the cooler for just that reason, to drink them on the beach as the sun went down.

The view of the ocean from my lap with a beer.

The sun sets into the Pacific.

Then we all walked on the beach for awhile. I brought my cloak along on the trip because it is always warm in windy weather…but I also secretly (ok, not so secretly) love the dramatic-ness of it. We ended up checking into the motel directly across from the beach. It was a bit more than we expected to pay but totally worth it. There were two rooms, a kitchenette, and a huge sliding glass door that looked out to the ocean. The woman at the desk let us borrow her her personal Scrabble game and we stayed up drinking our beer and eating the hummus,  potato salad and other snacks we had brought along.

In the morning we let Paul sleep. Caleb and I got up around 8 and went for a walk on the beach and then a walk around town checking out the little shops, checking maps to figure out how I could get there on the bus with my bike, and getting coffee for us and some to take back to Paul so we could check out by 11.

I gotta say that at this point Caleb and I have bags full of silly inside jokes. I was telling stories about how every year people are killed by logs at the beach each year. We were sitting on a log on the beach and I kept saying it was going to kill us. Well, in the motel room there was a warning on the wall about how logs can kill! I wish I had taken a photo of it.

We headed down south stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Facotry because it is sort of a tradition. Then headed south stopping at Cape Mears and a lighthouse.

The reason there are logs that can kills you is the forest abruptly ends at the sea cliffs and the tress can fall into the water.

The Oregon coast also has cool rocks that stick up out of the water.

Then we headed to Pacific City to what I call the “real” haystack rock. It looks like two rocks together with a hole like a needle between them. I forgot to take a photo. But here’s one of Paul and Caleb.

I love how misty the Oregon coast is too.

At this point I was getting sort of tired of driving but Paul and Caleb don’t drive. We went back through Mcminville stopped a brewery we hadn’t been to before but we weren’t that impressed. Paul got home in time to take a nap before he went to work. Caleb and I rode bikes and took beers to the Bluffs. He was sort of surprised at what a punx picnic it was. There were at least 50 people there in small groups all drinking and sharing the view of the bridges, train yard and west hills. It was a beautiful night and it seems like lots of other people were there to share it.

After that we rode to the Voodoo Doughnuts on Sandy to meet up with housemate Maggie and see Paul at work. It was the first time I had seem him at work there before. That place is a mad house! We were there for 45 minutes and the line never ceased! We headed over to The Sandy Hut to wait for Maggie to get off work and Caleb’s voice was failing from our week long coversations so I got him a Hot Toddy and we wanted for Maggie. She showed up, we go another drink. When we left the Sandy Hut the sky had opened up and it was raining down on us but we rode north to the Florida Room for another drink and some food before heading home. Caleb and i got some water and started a fire in the fireplace and sat up talking until late in the night.

The next day I got some much needed work done on the computer and then Caleb, Paul and I sat around and watched the entire series of Spaced as the rain stormed and pounded the windows. After so many days of go go going it was good to have a chill day of hangouts, especially when it was so miserable inside. It was Caleb’s last night and trying to look back on the past week and a half seemed like a blur. My throat hurt for talking so much but it felt like the conversations needed to be had before we were left to the 4,000 mile continental divide, the postal system , and sterile e-mail. It was a great trip and it only leaves us discussing out next adventures! I’ve been to his coast and now he’s been to mine. We are thinking that we are going to have to meet in the middle next time!

Friday morning we got up early and went shopping for train ride provisions for Caleb’s trip down the coast. We also stopped for a burrito on the way to drop the car off, rode the train into the city and spent two hours in Portland Union Station. Sometimes goodbyes are best when short, but I think this long goodbye was suiting. Until next time Caleb, in postage we trust.


4 responses to “Caleb Came to Visit Part 2!

  1. my parents are going to love this so much. thanks oregon!

  2. I was thinking of taking a day or two after the symposium to just drive along the coast and have some “me” time. This is making that idea look REALLY good. I kind of want to go to Coos Bay for a really geeky running reason. (home of Steve Prefontaine – a really super middle distance runner in the 70s who was killed in a car accident when he was 24).

    • You should! The Oregon Coast is beautiful. Coos bay is pretty far south though so you might want to take a few days down and back. I’d go with you but I’m leaving for a zine tour right after that.

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