in awesome zine news…

I’m on shift at the IPRC tonight where I made some tiny fliers with the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium dates on them to send out with orders and send to stores and zine events because we are still waiting on choosing the artwork.

The real awesome news is that someone in Spain offered to translate Brainscan 21 into Spanish! I have never had my zines translated so this is exciting. They will have two people working on the translation on the other side of the Atlantic and one of my friends here is going to proof it too. I’ll also have copies for distribution when they are done!

I have had a lot of weird/exciting/puzzling/fun correspondence this week and I can’t really blame it on the full moon because that’s tonight. Speaking of the full moon, Paul is working tonight so Full Moon Dance Night has been moved to tomorrow night. My awesome friend Caleb in Halifax sent me two Cub 7″s that I have been looking for forever so they will both be making rotations tomorrow evening.


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