Bike rides, zine tours, International Zine Month, Smallpressapalooza, and door to door meat salesmen

So, when I last posted I was nursing my only slightly sore body from my trip back from the Riverhouse. The next day my sister called to see if I wanted to go on a bike ride up to Smith and Bybee lakes In North Portland. On the way to Web’s house I saw this weird failblog worth sign.

I can't even imagine what they were trying to explain with this sign.

It’s a crappy cell phone picture but I still find it amusing. The rest of the photos are also crappy cell phone photos. We rode up north to the very tip of the North Portland Peninsula to Kelly Point. It’s where the Columbia and Willamette Rivers meet. It looks something like this:

There was also this tree that was 3/4 chewed by a beaver. It was wondering how it even stayed up!

We got lost finding out way to Proper Eats in St. John’s. I always feel so good after eating there and combine that with our bike ride I felt awesome! By the time I got home I had ridden a little over 20 miles. 90 miles in a a few days was great to get my winter sluggishness out of my system…. except now the rain is back. We had almost two weeks of false spring.

Paul and I are getting used to his graveyard shift at Voodoo Doughnuts which is making me feel like a crazy cat lady when I start talking and even singing to the cats when we are alone in the house.

Have I mentioned that I’m going on a zine tour this summer with some of my friends from the UK? 3 0f the lovely folks from Last Hours and other ziney projects, Steve Larder from Rum Lad zine and Isy from Moregenmuffel. We were trying to figure out what to call the zine tour and Paul came up with Zines on Toast! Which is a take on Beans on Toast, pretty much a staple of English food. I thought they wouldn’t go for our stupid pun for a zime tour name, but I guess they liked it! That puts us one step closer! More details to come!

I just filled out the paper work to include July 2011 in the Chase’s book of holidays. it is already listed for 2010! So, I guess this means I need to do more work on the International Zine Month site.

Other than that, Paul and I have been practicing for my reading at Powell’s for Smallpressapalooza on March 15. I just finished up with a bunch of big button orders and started cleaning my office. I just opened my last box of Stolen Sharpie Revolution of the 2,000 I had. looks like I’ll have to contact AK Press to send me some more copies.  Oh, and some dude just knocked on my door asking if we were carnivores. I think he was selling door to door meat. weird.

Oh, and someone did a bit of editing on my Wikipedia page. Since I can’t really do any of it myself feel free to add relevant things like me being nominated for an Utne award and also my failed first Wiki page was the reason zinewiki was started.


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