Our first bike trip to the Riverhouse!

We got home this afternoon from the Riverhouse. We left on Wednesday content to make it the 30 miles armed with our bikes and waking directions from  GoogleMaps. The maps served us well and we didn’t hit too many hills.

I my snazzy new cycling jacket!

We saw so really weird signs but I only took a photo of one of them.

Good thing it was the Positive sort of way?

I also saw the “Memory Memorial Cemetery” Don’t you think the “Memory” was a bit redundant? It also said it was a “Freedom of Choice cemetery” I didn’t think you’d have too many choices when you’re dead. We also saw “Secluded Apartment Homes” “Hidden Village” and “Secret Valley” I made a joke that the next sign would say “where to bury the body”… That’s when I saw the Memory Memorial and decided that my joke wasn’t funny.

We took a break at some place that advertised itself as a "Cowboy Church" I wanted to show you the set up Paul made for his Guitar. Rad hu? He jsut strapped it to the side of his bike rack like a pannier and with the help of a bungie chord it worked like a charm.

Mt. Saint Helens blown top showed its head about 3/4 of our way there.
We made it to Battle Ground and got provisions of food a beer then rode the last 7 miles which we knew would be the most grueling but it wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t gotten so much in Battle Ground. We got to the Riverhouse in 4 hours including a stop for a picnic, a stop at the grocery store, a few backtracks and direction settling, and a short stop at the coffee shop that my parents’ neighbor owns. It wasn’t so bad for our first trip! We had a celebratory beer on the back porch.

Pauled wanted these two photos to be posted together.

The next day we went on a beer run to the Heisson Store. Then we worked on my reading for Powell's. I'm going to read stories while Paul plays music, sings one part of a song and then we are going to sing a song. I haven't sang in public in a looooong time. This should be interesting.

I woke up this morning to a flat tire, which seemed weird since I had ridden over 35 miles and now that I was all comfy at the Riverhouse THEN I got a flat! Instead of patching it I just slipped a new tube in and away we went!

On the ride up to the Riverhouse Paul and I saw soooo many cute animals. My favorite was the stubby burros with shaggy winter fur! We also saw chickens, sheep, goats, horses, llamas, and puppies! I’m bummed that I didn’t get photos of them on the way up but here are some from the way back!

It took is a little under 2 hours to get to Vancouver! SO much faster than the way up there! I think we could do the whole ride in 2.5 hours. Paul busted a spoke about half way home but we still made it back. We stopped in Vancouver at the Salmon Creek brewery, had a beer and continued on our way. We crossed over the I-5 bridge into Oregon and I took this Photo of Mt. Hood. It has always been an iconic image to me ever since my childhood summers in Oregon.

And, now I’m home and a bit sore but, I know that I can make the ride and I’ll do it again!


6 responses to “Our first bike trip to the Riverhouse!

  1. wow! Mt. Hood looks so epic in that picture!

  2. The photo was color edited a bit to make Mt. Hood pop out but the only thing that changed was the color of the water. The Mountain looked just that epic so I had to stop and take a picture.

  3. Great trip! The furthest I’ve been able to ride so far is 17 miles, but if I had a lighter bike I might be able to make it 20. 😉

    • I walked my bike up one of the hills and Paul slowed down for me a few times but a lot of it was flat, which is perfect for my little touring bike. It just likes to go when it hits the flat long roads. I think most people could find a good pace on those parts. I think part of it is realizing that it’s not a race. That’s what I find annoying about riding with some people.

  4. An awesome accounting in words and pictures! That is the kind of day that makes living in Portland so awesome. I loved this trip journal in a positive sorta way. 🙂

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