I have lived in Portland for over 10 years and I had never gone to the Skidmore bluffs until yesterday. I’m not really sure how that happened. I dragged my housemate Maggie along with me running to the post office and then to a thrift store where I bought Paul a nutcrackers (so he would stop using my vice grips) two (yes two!) pairs of pants that actually fit me, and one of those cool apple peelers like the one that Badger uses in Firefly (except we later found out that it was missing a piece so it just made weird apple spirals instead.)

We rode around for awhile the false spring sun and I decided that I wanted to try to find the mystical Skidomore Bluffs. We found a strange overpass with tiny creepy molester parks on each end and this weird chained off pedestrian bridge with lots of locks in the chain like some sort of guerrilla artwork:

lots of locks in the chainlink

You can look at the link I mentioned above to see pictures from The Bluffs. It is probably one of the best views of Portland. Maggie and I at there admiring the view in the sun and watched other pairs of people that had the same idea as us. A lot of them had beer, which made us wish we had beer. I’m actually pretty happy that I hadn’t been there before, especially thinking about who I would have gone there with and that this was one of the few spots in Portland for me that wasn’t tainted with harsh memories that I would have to clear from my head to enjoy again.

But, now the weather is back to overcast and rainy. I took some photos of my yard again this year to document the growth of the garden this year.

I fianlly got around to pruning and weeding the hummingbird garden. It looks like there are several new foxglove rosettes that that makes me happy because foxgloves make me happy.

Roses at the back of the house along with strawberries, dock, more foxglve and forget-me-nots

I trussed up my jasmine plant. The Hummingbird garden is in the background and the pots have cooking herbs in them. I also have a tea plant that I my sister got me. I'm excited to pick my own tea to brew!

The cats seem to like it when we hang out in the yard with them. They also like scratching the garden boxes. This is Jakie, we hang out a lot.

Violets are always the first flowers in my yard.

Yhe Camellia bush by the door is always a close second.

I planted lots of seeds and now they are patietly growing by the window in my room.

These little pumpkin plants makes me happy. Hopefully come October we will have more than a single pumpkin like the past few years.


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