Moar from the basement!

Currently I’m in shift at the IPRC. I made some copies of zine and decided to upload these photos!

Paul spent most of a day last week cleaning out the basement. We had piles of empty boxes that he broke down, the IPRC zine library over stock, random junk and a whole small room filled with broken bike parts, boxes of junk from my childhood (including notes from jr. high and a bunch of Animaniacs stuff) broken musical equipment, screen printing supplies and who knows what. I came home to a basement that felt much roomier. It all didn’t photograph that well and we aren’t done with the guest room yet but here’s what it looks like from the top of the stairs down to my new work bench. the door the guest room is to the left of the work bench.

The stencil was made by and old housemate circa 2001 who later went on to work with crimethic

Looking up the stairs

Looking up the stiars and into the back of the basement. Paul stashed a bunc hof stuff under the stairs including our beer cellering mini fridge and brewing supplies.

from the back of the basement looing toward the stairs:Guest room to the left band room to the right

An extremely flattering image of paul labeling the wall of consolidated zine boxes in the future guest room.

I figure that since the band room gets used at least 3 times a week I may as well take some photos of all the crap crammed into the practice space.

It’s a tiny room with a lot of stuff crammed in it. It also makes a lot of noise. Paul has this friend who likes to come over and play his bass through hid old Sunn cab. It shakes the whole house. This room is completely insulated too so it is not usually so loud. We also have a freeway by the house that is a bit like white noise canceling out the sound. Paul apologized to our neighbors for playing past 10 one night and they didn’t even know bands practiced in the basement! They didn’t hear a thing!

Sometimes I feel like there are musical instruments stashed in corners all over the house.

There are keyboards and synths everywhere and some weird trumpet type things too.

Look! Two more keyboard and a guitar in this corner!Look! Two more keyboards and a guitar in this corner! I also saw a midi controller by my bed, an air organ and a 4 track recorder in the dining room, a six track recorder on my work bench and there’s a ukulele around too.  And I don’t even play any instruments!

I’ll post more on the progress of the guest room as it comes along. I also took some photos of my yard because I want to start documenting it again. Paul and I worked in the yard a bit last week and Maggie even helped me pull some weeds the other day until our hands got cold in the dirt. I did find a few of the first violets! They always make me happy to see. Violets and Camellia are always the first bloomers in my yard followed by tulips, daffodils, and bluebells. I’m excited about spring!

Paul and I after working in the yard the other day.


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  1. Wyld Stallyns Rule!

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