Vegan sausages

Last week I decided that I was going to try to make vegan sausages. I did a bit of internet researching and found this which really comes from here. But seeing as I am incapable of following directions or recipes and I couldn’t stick to measurements I made up my own and went a little nuts on fun spices. Jess really likes fennel and I don’t really cook much with it but I ground some up and put it in the sausage.

While I was grinding the fennel I realized why I don’t cook with much fennel. When I was a kid my dad would let us spice out own hamburgers. He would open up the spice cabinet and tell us we could put anything we would like in them and we would mix in ridiculous spice combination. Well, I think I must have used to much fennel and it caused some sort of aversion. Anyway, looking back it was pretty rad for my dad to let us experiment with spices, but, on with my vegan sausages.

I used pinto and navy beans cooked from scratch. first.

more ingredients. It is sort of funny that I rarely meansure anything yet I really enjoy the cooking show aesthetic of little bowls of things.

Vegan sausage mash

before the wrap up

all wrapped up and ready to steam

Then you put them in the steamer... hey, this reminds me of tamales...mmm tamales. I should make those again.

While the sausages steamed I cooked some beets and parsnips...mmm parsnips. There's some olive oil and thyme was the prime spice.

I have two secret ingredients and one of them in vegenaise. This is a dressing made with a vegenaise base and some spices, primarily thyme and thined out with water. I also really like this bowl.

I also made an onion suace with carmelized onions and some garlic that I roasted in the oven to put over the sausage.

after steaming I grilled the sausages and thought about how I need to make them with the liquid being beer next time. mmm, beer.

So, jess has nailed down not only my palate in relation to wine but also my palette in relation to the spices I use when cooking and what wine would go with it. Damn, it is awesome to have my very own sommelier! She has often paired my foods with wines from the Montsant region of Spain. There has not been a single wine from there that I haven’t liked. Now I need to do more research. Gee, thanks Jess for giving me yet another expensive snobish taste to add to beer, coffee and writing utensils.

Anyway, on with the meal



4 responses to “Vegan sausages

  1. Yum yum.
    We should eat dinner together more often.

  2. We really should! I had a good time last time.

  3. This is a pretty exciting entry. Also, visually arresting. What is the expensive writing instrument taste?

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