PZS 2010: ZINE ARCADE! and some other stuff…

We are soooo close to having total confirmation for the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium! It WILL NOT be in the PSU Ballroom as usual but if all goes right it WILL be at PSU. We are just about ready to confirm the dates for late August. Stay tuned for more! Also, see my later post about artwork and tell me how genius ZINE ARCADE is as a theme.

I made vegan sausage from scratch the other night and it was fucking great. I’ll post photos when I have some time to work on them. I’m going to go put this dirt I just bought into my seed tray but first this:

My book has been on an end cap at Powell’s in the Blue Room for awhile. I guess that’s why they have sold so many copies, eh?

I also spotted SSR2 in the window of the lovely Portland Zine shop Reading Frenzy.

Whoever placed it there sure had a sense of humor...


One response to “PZS 2010: ZINE ARCADE! and some other stuff…

  1. I’m SO glad you said that about the sense of humor, because as I was looking at the Reading Frenzy picture, I was thinking, “Isn’t that…” and then I scrolled down just a tad further and saw your note!

    I mean, really. Was that necessary?? Oy, vey.

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