I don’t get bored…

Yup, It’s noon and I’m STILL in bed. In my defense I have been up since 7am but working. Yesterday I did the same thing. I worked on my Etsy Site where I have changed the photos and tried to edit the text for my custom button and magnet listings. Today I was doing the same thing to my Small World Buttons site. I also edited all 160 listings in my Etsy shop with the mode of shipping in the listing text. It has been a tedious, but necessary few days. The reason I subjected myself to such a mind numbing task was not just the necessity, I’m also just trying to figure out what to do with myself now that the busy season is winding down. I even started my taxes this week!

Basically, if you ever thought about ordering some custom buttons from me or maybe one of my many button designs with hearts on them for the silly upcoming holiday now would be the time. I’d be able to get buttons done and out to you in no time flat!

That’s not to say that I’m bored. I’m never bored because there is always SOMETHING to do. I spent all yesterday afternoon cleaning and rearranging my bedroom. The idea was that if I cleaned the first place I wake up in the morning then maybe I’ll spread the rest of the clean into other parts of the house. So far today that hasn’t worked out… I’m still in bed because I quite like sitting in this clean room.

but, I’ll have to get out of bed and on with my day. I have an IPRC shift and Zine Symposium meeting today. We may be deciding the date and place of the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium FINALLY! I’m excited to get this part done and move onto the next part of planning and also to start work on the autumnal zine tour!

For a little while longer though I’m going to lounge in my robe in my bed of clean sheets with glow in the dark constellations on them and my fake down duvet to keep me warm.


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