vegan “rabbit” stew? yes please!

My housemate Dan is rad and a good cook. He’s not vegan, he’s an omnivore, but he took an alpine rabbit stew and made it vegan! (WARNING: there is a rabbit carcass. If this would be gross or offensive do not click!) It turned out awesome!

So, while Paul kneaded some bread dough and I made seitan from scratch Dan went out in the cold and the rain to find juniper berries. Wow, what are we some sort of hippie house?

Anyway, Dan documents his Alpine Rabbit Stew on his blog here. Including our happy faces eating it up. There are no seitan carcasses, I promise!


2 responses to “vegan “rabbit” stew? yes please!

  1. Wow, that looks fantastic!! I’ll have to see if i can talk Andy into trying it (he does most of the cooking), tho’ i’m afraid he’d see “juniper berries” and try to find a way to turn them into gin. 😉

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