My housemates rule!

A couple nights ago Maggie and I accompanied Dan to meet some folks at the Florida Room and we ran into our other housemate Marc there too! Maggie and I convinced them to take photobooth pictures. Too bad Paul wasn’t there! The photo goes like this:

Marc, Alex, Maggie, Dan. We are going to have to get Paul to take a photobooth picture to add to the strip.

What I didn’t know until after the photobooth session at the bar was that marc was actually on a date all all these weird housemates show up to the bar and then make him do a photobooth! What a trooper!After we got home from the bar Maggie, Dan and I all decided that we should go to the Riverhouse so the three of us plus Paul went to the Riverhouse the other night. We played games, drew pictures, worked on a puzzle, told stories and generally had a great time.

It seemed a bit weird to be all “hey housemates, wanna go play housemates at a different house?” but we had a fun time hanging out and staring at the river and geeking out about etymology and the awesome dictionary we have up there. It turns out that 4 of the 5 of us who live her are left handed! What are the odds? Also, I think with our combined obscure not very overlapping knowledge we would rule the school at trivia!

I guess I haven’t been this happy and comfortable with housemates in a long time and it really feels great to share my space with such nice, respectful, talented, and intelligent people.

Now we just have to figure out how to get the cats in the photobooth at the Florida Room for a real house picture!


One response to “My housemates rule!

  1. i like this post. it’s very happy.

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