welcome to my basement!

It has been a busy little bit away from the internets which has been nice except that I have been slacking on my work. I got up at 8 this morning and just now finished getting caught up with orders, bill paying, coffee roasting and assembling 1oo copies of Brainscan 24 &25. I love the way the zines look and feel and that they have all these distinctive parts but damn, they take a long time to put together. This what what I spent the afternoon doing:

box of brainscan 24 &25

Paul and I spent the past few days working on some weatherization for the house. We got some duct covers and spray foam to fill cracks and we still need to put in the weather stripping around the doors and silicone sealant around the floorboard and windows. We did exchange a cracked window pane with some plexiglass that we cut a hole in for an exhaust port for our clothes dryer. Then we sealed it up with a shim, some screws and insulation spray foam. It is pretty amazing how much warmer the basement is now!

exhaust port!

And while I’m showing your the dingy basement of my home that is over a century old I may as well show you some other corners. This is all of the stuff on a pallet that I ended up storing for the Portland Zine Symposium. All the signs, workshop materials, info desk stuff, t-shirts from years past, and what not sits in the corner there for most of the year until it is needed.

yup, it has its own little corner.

And don’t ask me about the dates for the symposium this year… Finding dates and a space has been more difficult than usual this year but we hope to have it sorted soon.

And while we are talking about zines, one of my housemates is the zine librarian at the Independent Publishing Resource Center and when the IPRC’s storage space was cleaned out our basement became the new home to over 10,000 zines. This is a photo of some of the pile. A lot of the stuff in the back is empty boxes and even farther back is a bunch of firewood from the two tree branches that fell last year. We have been seasoning them for a year so they burn really clean.

zines, they hold the floor down in our basement.

Paul and I also FINALLY set up my tool bench wit ha peg board. I feel like an adult with all my took in once place and 98% of the tools are mine! I amassed quite the collection while fixing up my house. If I wanted to be completely nuts I’d outline them all with a sharpie like my grandfather did! There is something appealing about the outline of the chainsaw! Also on the bench is my wind up radio and Paul’s 6 track recorder that he can’t find the power cord.

Speaking of recorder… I didn’t take a photo of the practice space in the basement. I have spent 2 out of the last 3 nights in there with Paul. We wrote some lyrics to a song about the first night we spent together where we went to see the opera Carmen, listened to Punk Rock music and then fell asleep listening to Art Bell. Well, Paul spent Sunday recording drum, bass and guitar tracks and I drank most of a bottle of wine when I got home from my IPRC shift to get myself into the singing mood and we recorded it.

After we were done Paul decided that he wanted to do it in a different key so he had to record the bass and guitar tracks again and I had to drink more wine last night to get myself to the singing space. I have yet to hear it again and I hope I’m happy with it. Paul is a critical bastard when it comes to music and he seems happy with it. I’ll post links when we have it on the internets. It is supposed to be part of the music that goes along with my new zine. Writing music with Paul was actually really fun. I have been learning more about music… even though I don’t want to really play anything.

I have had a long day of work and my housemate, Dan, just handed me a swiss alps “rabbit” stew made from the seitan I made yesterday. It smells delicious! Time for food and a beer and some rest.


2 responses to “welcome to my basement!

  1. It makes me so excited that you have a saddle stitch stapler too. I always got a hard time from zinesters who say long-arm is the only way.

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