Adventure at our house!

It has still been a busy week of work for me. I’m looking forward to a few days up at the Riverhouse with my family next week.

The other night Paul looked out the front door to see if Jackie wanted to come in. Jackie was sitting on the porch bench looking at something in the yard and took off after it then pulled what Paull called “the Han Solo” and quickly ran back, between Paul’s legs and into the house. Then Paul realized that Jackie was fleeing from a raccoon! So, Paul chased after it yelling “OI!” and it ran up our tree. Once it was safely in the tree I sat and stared at the viscous cuteness from the ground.

We wondered if it was the same one we saw in the spring and it seems to sort of confirm out suspicions that OJ was attacked by a raccoon and that is what  caused his to get 20 stitches and a cone collar. Boo on raccoons! Leave the cats of the neighborhood alone!

Paul and I spent several hours reorganizing our records last night after he gave me a gift of a first pressing The Cure Disintegration on vinyl!

This is me being very happy!

I totally had that album cover as a poster over my bed when I was in Jr. High!

We had some serious discussion about how to organize the records because some people you think of their first name first and last name last. Like David Bowie. We put him in B but Elliot Smith went in E. There are many records that get played more often that others and always end up in the last two out of the 8 expedit cubbies. I think this time we are really going to try to keep them organzined!

Crappy laptop camera photo of our work in progress.

Right now paul is in the basement with DJ housemate Dan and their friend making a weird clash of analog and elctronic music full of a distorted bass that is shaking the foundations of my house. I’m feeling like making a mixed drink by muddling that the pear that has been sitting on my counter but I don’t feel like drinking a mixed drink. I think I’ll stick to this Egyptian Licorice tea while I finish roasting up some coffee. My friend Jess wants so for her dad but he likes coffee that tastes like ashes. it’s a shame really. Then I might just take James up on taking me to a movie tonight.


One response to “Adventure at our house!

  1. Disintegration is The Cure’s best work!

    There is a new release, a double LP vinyl of Disintegration now on stores 🙂

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