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Adventure at our house!

It has still been a busy week of work for me. I’m looking forward to a few days up at the Riverhouse with my family next week.

The other night Paul looked out the front door to see if Jackie wanted to come in. Jackie was sitting on the porch bench looking at something in the yard and took off after it then pulled what Paull called “the Han Solo” and quickly ran back, between Paul’s legs and into the house. Then Paul realized that Jackie was fleeing from a raccoon! So, Paul chased after it yelling “OI!” and it ran up our tree. Once it was safely in the tree I sat and stared at the viscous cuteness from the ground.

We wondered if it was the same one we saw in the spring and it seems to sort of confirm out suspicions that OJ was attacked by a raccoon and that is what  caused his to get 20 stitches and a cone collar. Boo on raccoons! Leave the cats of the neighborhood alone!

Paul and I spent several hours reorganizing our records last night after he gave me a gift of a first pressing The Cure Disintegration on vinyl!

This is me being very happy!

I totally had that album cover as a poster over my bed when I was in Jr. High!

We had some serious discussion about how to organize the records because some people you think of their first name first and last name last. Like David Bowie. We put him in B but Elliot Smith went in E. There are many records that get played more often that others and always end up in the last two out of the 8 expedit cubbies. I think this time we are really going to try to keep them organzined!

Crappy laptop camera photo of our work in progress.

Right now paul is in the basement with DJ housemate Dan and their friend making a weird clash of analog and elctronic music full of a distorted bass that is shaking the foundations of my house. I’m feeling like making a mixed drink by muddling that the pear that has been sitting on my counter but I don’t feel like drinking a mixed drink. I think I’ll stick to this Egyptian Licorice tea while I finish roasting up some coffee. My friend Jess wants so for her dad but he likes coffee that tastes like ashes. it’s a shame really. Then I might just take James up on taking me to a movie tonight.


infused Vodka and a future cook zine…

I don’t know what it is about the cold weather that makes me want to drink liquor. I’m generally not a big fan of the stuff. I’m a craft beer geek but sometimes mixing drinks is fun! Especially when I can create my own weird concoctions!  I bought a half gallon of decent vodka last week and have been infusing them like a mad scientist!

fun with vodka!The Habenero is great for Bloody Marys along with olives, cocktail onions, peperocinis, pickled okra or any other sort of brined good-ness. 2 shots served in a pint glass with chopsticks to test your drinking dexterity skills! I like my Bloody mary like and alcoholic salad!

I made some with strawberries picked from my yard that I have had the freezer. Strawberry Vodka can be put in soy milk for something like an alcoholic strawberry Qwick! Tonight I put some in fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice that I made Paul squeeze out of the pom!

I had some Earl Grey vodka with ginger ale or orange juice, ginger vodka with juice. It’s fun! And even when I make a bad one I just have paul drink it! I like how all the bottles sit on my window sill and looks pretty.

I have decided to do a cook zine. I think I’ll call it “recipes are tools of the patriarchy” I’m not a fan of following recipes… I’m sort of bad at following directions when I think I have a better idea. I read at once point that recipes were created by women for men who were going to war and needed to know how to cook things. So, maybe recipes are more likely tools of war. I can’t really substantiate this claim and I don’t feel like doing the research, I’m just going to believe it and hope other people do too!

It will basically be a guide to stuff you can put together that taste good and I’ll just write “to taste” after everything! I acknowledge that baking does need specific amount but I’m not a baker! I’ll leave that up to my sister. I’m planning a “choose your own soup adventure” where you pick different veggies and food from different columns and get mystery soup!

Seeing as I plan for this to also be a zine I’ll write stories about recipes and people who taught them to me. Like my garlic bread recipe that a boy named Richard taught me. One time we were making out in the kitchen and I was sitting on the stove. Somehow the stove turned on while were were kissing and all of the sudden my ass was getting warm! Luckily I jumped off the stove before my pants caught on fire! We all have cooking and kitchen stories like the time in Columbus, Ohio where I drunkenly made several pounds of french fries in a fry daddy while simultaneously listening to AVAIL and  playing “keg hockey” with an empty beer key across the the wet kitchen floor. Good times!

So, as I have been busy with orders and Paul has been off work since it is the slow season. He’s been playing Metroid and we have been watching the Might Boosh for about the 3rd time. I keep threatening to make Paul my house husband. I actually sort of need someone to clean up after me when I get this busy.

Tonight we had leftover risotto from the other night plus roasted veggies and unphotogenic tofu.

sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and mushroom risotto.

roasted veggies before I roasted them: brussel sprouts, carrots, squash and cauliflower plush herbs.

I guess that’s about it for now. I think I think I’m going to go make myself what I have been calling a Canadian Toddy with Canadian Whiskey and maple syrup instead of honey. Then I’m going to call it a day and read a book instead od staring at this computer screen!

Updates from a busy week

It has been a busy week. I finished two huge button orders and many Etsy orders for coffee and catalog button designs. I have realized that my office is inefficient and I’ll have to mend that in the future. The weather in Portland has been unusually cold. I guess its not so much the cold that is weird but the dryness. We haven’t had rain in what seems like weeks. It’s been this stagnant cold like Utah in winter where it is so cold and dry you get nose bleeds. It is tricky because you look outside and it is all bright and sunny but below freezing. Oh well, it has been a good excuse to wear my cloaks when I got outside!

Well, I didn’t record or video my zine reading. I do have this picture that A.M. took

Me reading a zine outloud.

Paul played two songs and I read a few pieces from my new zine. It was sort of intense a times when we would look at eachother while he was singing about me and I was reading about it. I wondered if it made people feel uncomfortable. After the reading my housemate Maggie said as much. She said that she could see people feeling uncomfortable because of the intimateness of it… but in a good way. I guess the idea that we could do something that made people feel is a good thing. At any rate, I’ve been too busy to send out copies to distros and what not. I need to do that next week. Speaking of distros, what happened to them? There are like only 4 zine distros now. It sort of sucks.

So, when I haven’t been working I have been cooking and sleeping and letting the cats entertain me. I harvested one stalk of Brussel sprouts.I love how alien they look!

I forgot to take a photo of what I made to eat with it because I didn’t have high expectations but it was super good. A multirice blend with sauteed sprouts and onion on top and a vegan cheesy sauce. I should have taken a photo of the tiny silly sporuts in a bowl. They weren’t very big and were comically small but tasted super delicious. I also forgot to take a photo of the most awesomist shepard’s pie I have ever made. Oh well.

Oj still has his come thing on his head. I guess it is called The Elizabethan. it flops both ways and he has been wearing it face down. He gets his stitches out today and then gets to go outside again. He’s been a little brat. I caught him jumping up on the record player while a record was playing! I yelled at him in something close to a “mom voice” and tossed him in the basement for a few hours.

Not a happy cat

Paul has a new toy. M found this in the trash and gave it to Paul. He has been sitting on the floor all Schroder from the Peanuts style playing it in the dining roo. He is super annoyed that the air organ is out of tune. I think it is sort of funny how annoyed he is by it!

It's sort of like a flat electric accordian since it has those buttons on the left for chords. Also, check out the awesome wood floors that paul and I refinished ourselves!

Jess came over a few nights ago and we made a lentil soup, seitan steaks with mushroom gravy and stuffed acorn squash with mulled wine. It was a cold night and we wanted to warm up and eat wintery foods. Paul isn’t a fan of squash so I stuffed it with sweet things like apples, brown sugar, cranberries and almonds. It was like dessert for me!

The mulled wine was the best I have ever made. I even included a vanilla bean in it.

After Jess left Maggie and I geeked out with the cat and a cheeseburger she had drawn. She put a little pocket of catnip in the back and we teased OJ makin lolcat cheezburger jokes.

and saying "Can Haz?" a lot.

I have two more button orders to get to but since mail won’t go out until Monday I think I’ll finish them up tomorrow and head to the Farmer’s market to meet James and get some yummy food!

You should come to my zine reading tonight and a couple other things

Tonight is the zine release for Brainscan 25. I have been working on this zine on and off since 2004. Come hear me read some stuff and pick up the new issue in the shiny new gocco printed envelopes with other goodies in them.

I talked paul into playing a few acoustic songs before I read. He, however, did not convince me to sing with him. He’ll be performing some of the songs that will be on the audio soundtrack to the zine. Some of the songs are here, including the very last one where paul did convince me to sing back up vocals.

I hung out with my new housemate M the other night. We just drank some wine and talked about stuff. I forgot that there is a photobooth at a bar that is walking distance from my house. How rad is that to live within walking distance of a photobooth?

Paul and I went to see Jonathan Richman last night. It was really fun and felt a bit like a childrens’ rock show for adults. Lots of giggles and silly dancing but full of smartness. We came home and played records and danced for our full moon dance night. December has two full moons so we’ll get to dance on the blue moon too this month at the very end of the year.

Wow, the end of the year is coming. It has been a super awesome year in the zine department. Paul was joking and calling me a zine ambassador after traveling 4 countries for zine related activities. But it has been an active zine year. I put out the new Stolen Sharpie Revolution, two new zines, attended 7 zine events including the zine librarian (un)conference and organized yet another successful Portland Zine Symposium.

It has also been an awesome year for bands we have seen. I’m not going to list them here because I really need to get to work. I have a huge button order that has been hanging over my head. I’ll write a more comprehensive year end post once it gets closer to being over.