Stories on my street

I’m taking a break from posting on the internets about my new zine to mention that I have lots of PIFs (Pay It Forward in EtsySpeak) up in my Etsy shop to celebrate my 2,000 Etsy sale. Custom buttons, free coffee, etc. Now that I’m all caught up I guess I’m looking for more work so that I don’t have to clean my office? I even posted and ad on Craigslist looking for a new housemate. Ugh. Now I have those e-mails to sort through and talk to the rest of the folks about.

I live on the corner of a one way street. Across the street from my house is a soundwall with a bunch of Ivy growing on it. This is what the autumn raining Portland looks like to me working at the dining room table:


It was raining pretty hard yesterday

So, we live right by the freeway and it nevedr fails that at least once a month a semitruck will come down the road that isn’t one way and try to turn right on the one way street. The problem is that the soundwall blocks the front and the telephone pole on the far curb makes it completely impossible to take a right. This morning a semitruck distracted me from button making and so I took a photo and watched the show as it tried to turn 4 times before backing up into a tree down the street and breaking a branch. Wow, my life sounds really dull doesn’t it?


yup, a stuck truck

Last night was the second night that I retreated to my room and fell asleep before Paul’s band practice was over as I was reading the 3rd book in the Dies The Fire series. Paul came up after practice and my immediate reaction was to pull the covers over my head as if it was 5:30 am and he had just come up from his shower and was going to turn on the light. His response “what are you doing? The lights are already on.” And so they were, I had turned on Christmas lights to read. it made me feel silly. I really need to go to the post office today but I’m feeling lazy in this weather.


4 responses to “Stories on my street

  1. Do you like the Dies the Fire books? My brother recommended them to me, and I’ve been meaning to check them out.

    • I enjoy them. I have been needing some escapist books and I have been into a lot of post apocalyptic stuff lately. I must like it enough to be on the 3rd book! I do really like how it is located in the Portland area.

  2. i am sick today, so i got off work and am doing nothing but reading the protector’s war, and will hopefully finish it tonight. i meant to devour it yesterday but i got distracted by your three pieces of mail! it also feels like there’s no rush because the library’s only copy of the 3rd one is still out. anyways, nice to see pics of your house! take care!

    • Canada Post are slackers! I pity your no mail on Saturday thing so I guess my three pieces of mail that were probably sent on different days finally caught up with each other? I’m distracting myself from the third book and reading slowly… and also making you a mix tape, it’s a good distraction.

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