Home again and cooking in my kitchen!

I touched down last night in Portland around 11pm and when I turned on my phone I found that James and Christina were offering me a ride home and Paul was on his way to the airport by train. I was so exhausted I was planning on just taking a cab but a ride in a car with friendly faces was excellent!

Paul and I got home. I was tired but we stayed up and drank the Rogue wet hopped ale that Paul had been staring at every time he opened the fridge. I also sorted through my stacks of mail: letters, trades, stuff I bought off Etsy before I left and an awesome gift of the very first mix tape of Sunshine songs I have ever received. Caleb had read in my zine that no one had made one. I guess it is sort of a no-brainer with my real name being Sunshine and all, but no one had done it. Paul had started a subtle Sunshine mix tape years ago but the tape got lost and he never finished it. So Paul and I chatted, I made some steamed veggies, said hello to the cats and housemates, and drank glorious Oregon beer!

We were up late and I slept in more than I expected. I was up at 7am Pacific time and got to work. Sorted orders, packed orders, answered e-mails, printed button artwork, took photos of buttons and posted some new items to my Etsy shop: new astrological magnets and my NEW ZINE, Brainscan 24 and 25!

I needed a break and I wanted to make Squash soup so Paul and I showered and went up to New Seasons to get supplies. I used it as a reason to wear my brown cloak on the walk.

I have two cloaks and it is impossible to take a picture of myself in them since they got to the floor. This is my borwn one and it is nice and warm. Paul steals this one to wear around the house a lot. I'm not sure if he would wear it out. it is a bit like wearing a giant blanket.

That’s my brown cloak. It is the second one I made. I have a gray one too. I’ll have to get someone to take photos of them on me at some point. This one isn’t line and not as heavy as my gray cloak. Paul likes to steal this one and wear it around the house a bit like a wool blanket with a clasp.

At New Seasons we got lots of food and beer and a bottle of wine. I had intended to just make a simple squash soup but somehow I ended up making a pot of wild rice, barley, and brown rice and a stew rather than a soup to put over it. the stew was squash, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, miso and peanut butter and greens. I also got some yummy vegan apple sausage field roast things. I thought they needed some kind of sauce so I opened  the wine, a Spanish wine called Evodia and added a handful of cranberries, two tablespoons of apple juice concentrate, a bit of balsamic vinegar,  just the bud of  one clove, some salt and thyme. It wasn’t too sweet and nicely tart


Fresh cranberries are fun and also pretty



Paul’s got band practice so I think I’m going to go retreat to my room for some alone time with the rest of this wine bottle and a book. I feel like I could have done more work today but I’m still trying to get back in my work pattern. It is really disconcerting to not have Rick Emerson to listen to as I answer e-mail and press buttons.



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