I’m headed home today!

Just a quick last note on the east coast. I stayed at Nicole’s for my last night. She runs the fabulous Click Clack Zine Distro, has an adorable dog named Oliver that wears a bandana and doesn’t like it when I put my hair up. I have been sleeping in a real bed, this was my first stop that I haven’t even unpacked my sleeping bag! But, tonight I’ll be in my own bed and I’m excited about that.

What I’m not excited about is flying from here to NYC and then the SEVEN HOUR FLIGHT back to Portland. Ugh. I hope it is one of the planes that has the internets because I don’t have that many zines to read since I shipped so many off. I may see if Nicole will stop off at a book store for me to get one of the books recommended to me. I think drinking some beer might also make this trip a bit more palatable.

I also have an abundance of e-mail I need to get to and orders that Paul is dealing with that I need to check up on. Yesterday at brunch with Nicole at Impanema we sat at the bar and I made a list that took up one side of a napkin of things I need to do when I get home. On the rest of the napkin I attempted to create a metaphor that related Rumplestiltskin and spinning straw into gold to the overabundance of boxes of zines in my basement that needed to be cataloged which somehow had to do with a zine residency at our house. It sort of fell apart when I got the the first born child part if the person failed. Actually, it failed because it took so long to explain it even though I was giggling in my head.

Anyway, my stuff is packed and I’m about to don my trusting backpack and head west. In my head sometimes I think that once I have been some place then I have sort of stuck a pin it it, that I’ve been there and done that. But, it’s not like that at all. Most of the time it leave more questions and leaves me missing people and friendships that have only scratched the surface. So, that just means that people have to come visit me.

Which brings me make to musing about our basement room where we can put Marc’s old bed and stack up the epic zine collection to be spun into gold.


4 responses to “I’m headed home today!

  1. so like, if someone doesn’t spin all those zines into the catalogue, will you take all their originals? oh no! too bad you told everyone your real name in the last zine.

    also, i sent your epilogues yesterday. take care!

    • YOU TOTALLY READ MY BRAIN ABOUT KEEPING THEIR ZINE ORIGINALS! Oh noes! now people know my name which means they’ll guess it and I’ll have to stomp a hole in the floor. Strangely, my office is right above the spare room.

      We listened to the Sunshine mix last night when I got home and drank some Portland beer. It is a really good mix! thanks so much! I’m listening to it now as I’m trying to work but I’m letting myself get distracted by OJ jumping on the table and demanding attention and then reading your letter for a second time. Did you make a copy for yourself?

      I may not be able to write epic letters now that I’m home but I’m stocking up on postcards. I figure I can write stories on them when they come to me like conversations, stamp them stash them in my notebook and send them out in intervals. It seems like a good method to me!

    • P.S. Paul says your mix sounds pre-electro Manchester and he digs it!

  2. i LOVE pre-electro manchester! as if i didn’t want to meet paul enough already…..basically that’s the whole scene that got me into deejaying (and mixtape zines) back in 2002. anyways, i got yr letter yesterday too and i can’t wait for the third installment.

    and yes i have a copy of the tape, but no i don’t have a copy of the letter…..i couldn’t tell which you meant. though parts of the letter i actually drafted out beforehand, yikes embarrassing. and however you can stay in touch will be appreciated, of course…..i wrote last night in my journal about that exciting urgency you feel with new friends to say everything all at once, but also about how that, too, must pass.

    okay, even your blog comment section is turning into another huge conversation so i’m gonna go. thanks as always, alex!

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