Hallowzine! and Canzine photo fun


Before the zine reading Amy, Chris, and I went to three cent copy for.... three cent copies.


On the wall was sagely advice


After making copies Chirs shot a photo of me and Amy's new hard core band: Three Cent Cop. We rule!


The Toronto Zine Library


More from the Toronto Zine Library


In another photo from Chris I read a zine in front of people... and have no face.


another photo by Chris: Zine Girls on the march to Canzine!


We got to the Gladstone an hour early as Amber points out the time on her imaginary watch.


More waiting!

Per-zine bloc! We got a great space near the windows.


The view to the right

Kate's lovely husband took this photo of out per-zine bloc minus Chris. Maranda, Kate, Amber, Amy, Sarala, Alex, and Jeff


One response to “Hallowzine! and Canzine photo fun

  1. I’m convinced the girl in the blue toque who sold me “List #13” gave me swine flu. I don’t mind because it meant I got to stay home from work.

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