The rain in Toronto reminds me of Portland

I got into to Toronto on Tuesday and my penpal Chris from Kiss Off zine met me at the airport. He also got us lost on the way to Amy Leigh’s house but hey, I understand that bike people can have a difficulty with public transit. I can figure transit out, I just get caught up when I actually drive and get confused about where cars can go and where bikes can go.

Anyway, we got to Amy’s house and settled in and I did some computing. Wednesday Amy and I hung out and did some shopping for groceries and whatnot. I made dinner for  Chris and Amy: biscuits and gravy, baked tofu and brussell spouts. I was feeling like some comfort food so I dragged them into it. I also sent Chris on a beer mission while listening to mix tapes by Caleb and dirtying up Amy’s kitchen. After that was food coma but we took a walk to the place that Canzine is going to be at for a queer cabaret sort of thing and a beer. We left after one beer and walked home talking about zine geekiness.

Yesterday we went and made some copies. I realized that I left all the Brainscan 25 epilogues in envelopes in Halifax so I made some more of those. Then Amy had to work and Chirs gave me a small tour of Toronto as we put of flyers for the zine reading tomorrow at the Toronto Zine Library. Then we came back to Amy’s house and zine geeked out with collation, staples and paper cutters while watching a movie called Vinyl about geeks who collect vinyl.

Today it is rainy and I have been working on button layouts and watching Amy clean. She also made a yummy tofu scramble for breakfast. Tomorrow is Halloween and I still don’t have a costume. I’m thinking of heading out for the first time today and checking out some of the shops down the street for inspiration. Who knows?

I’ve hit the three week mark of my travels. That’s about at the point where I start to feel things ending and I start thinking about my own bed and my garden that needs to be winterized. Paul has also been sending me texts to let me know that our bed is lonely so I know he is missing me. We have been video chatting with out computers. Last night he picked up our housemate’s cat, OJ, and shoved him in the camera. It was pretty cute. I actually miss those cats. i’m not quite homesick but I’m getting there. I have about a week and a half left and lots of adventure still ahead.

The reading tomorrow is going to be rad and if you are in Toronto you should come!


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