Halifax Photo extravaganza


Sarah and I went on a bike ride on a nice day. This is the view from the edge of Point Pleasant Park. The ocean is off in the distance.


Halifax Zine Fair


More from the Halifax zine fair. There were people serving this super yummy squash and black bean stew. I had two bowls and went out for pizza with Lucas and Caleb afterwards. So much food!


Cap got a car and we went to the ocean with Sky and Caleb on a super beautiful day. Sorry, no dramatic pictures of me at the sea with my hair blowing.


I think it was called Raindown haven. It was a bit of a cove.


I like the ocean


I drew a labyrinth in the sand. I'm kind of obsessed with drawing them on everything.


Cap and Caleb. I joked that Caleb looks like he is about to take a bite out of a sandwich.



walking up to the citadel. You can see part of the commons.


more walking up to the citadel and you can see the harbor.


In the citadel a lot of it had sod roofs and you can see chimneys coming ouit... you can also see this silly sign.


The citadel is an 8 pointed star and really big. this is inside.


I should have taken more pictures up top. It was nice and there was a nice view. oh well. I had a good time and have memories.


Sonia came by for coffee the last day I was there. There was a how to use an aeropress demonstration and I took a photos of of Sonia and my aeropress.


the shed I called home for 2 weeks.


peering inside. I drew a labyrinth on the wall.


The bed was 4 feet off the ground and came with bedding.

I should have taken a photo when it was more lived in. It was cozy and I had everything I needed at arm’s length. I slept in my own sleeping bag and put the provided sleeping bag over the window.


View from the bed looking outside. There were nice hooks and shelves on the walls.


Robert's street Social Center as I was leaving. The sky was clear and beautiful. I sort of miss the place arleady.

So, that’s it for my Halifax photos. I had a good time. I hope some of the awesome people I met will come and visit me in Portland.  I’m also trying to figure out the logistics of having a zine residency of some sort at my house. Stayed tuned for more info.

I’m not in Toronto for my next adventure!



2 responses to “Halifax Photo extravaganza

  1. Great photos, thx for sharing!
    I loved the silly sign 🙂

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