Greetings from Halifax!

I got into Halifax the night before last. Sarah picked me up at the airport and took me back to her house. In the morning we went by the Anchor Archive and I got acquainted then went back to Sarah’s to grab my stuff to work with and headed back over to wait for someone who had the shed key.

I met some of the the other folks around here including Jake who does the Zine Machine Radio show who asked me to be on the show last night. I settled into the shed with half my stuff and a typewriter and started editing and typing a bit and getting a little work done too. Then I walked back over to Sarah and Al’s to procure a bike from Al for short me and brought a bit more of my stuff back over to the shed at the Anchor Archive.

Jake showed up and we rode to the College and read zines and talked about zines on the Zine Machine show. You can stream it or listen to it here. We were on from 22:00- 00:00 last night (Tuesday night) It was a lot of fun and we went out for a pitcher and good conversation afterwards.

Jake pointed me in a direction to ride and gave me directions. I must have messed them up because I was crazy lost and getting really frustrated. It was late and I text messaged with Paul in Portland who navigated me through the city with google maps. I finally got back here at 4am and talked with Paul on the internets and then crashed out around 5am.

It is now two PM and I am still under the covers in my bed in the shed. I just finished another draft for the Morgenmuffel zine anthology. I hope it works out!  It isn’t raining outside anymore but the wind is blowing and the sun is out. I think it is about time for me to get up and go on an adventure.

My cat friend Cali who keeps coming into the shed and is annoying insistent for attention

My cat friend Cali who keeps coming into the shed and is annoying insistent for attentioThe typewriter and computer



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