Glowing reviews and stuff.

I have participated in a blog give away for my coffee that came from and Etsy request. I had no idea what a stellar review I would receive! Check this out.

Woke up with Paul at 6 AM and haven’t been able to get back to sleep. Got some button layouts done and some e-mails answered. Strange how all my custom button orders come at the same time. I finished 600 buttons yesterday and have another 1,200 to finish up this week so far. It is good though. I’ll need the money for traveling since I leave in 2 weeks. ack!  So much to do! Zines to ship! Supplies to be ordered! Final plans to settle!

On top of all that I need to finalize my plans for my zine retreat October 2-4 (there are still a few spaces! get in touch if you are interested!) and the first Portland Zine Symposium meeting on the 4th.

Ok, back to work for me!


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