Happy Equinox!

Did you know that traditionally a symposium was a drinking party from the Latin meaning to drink together. Rad! How did we start to think of this as some sort of academic event of sharing ideas? Who knows! That’s what we were thinking when we called the Portland Zine Symposium a symposium. I have a mind to put the symposium back into the Symposium! But that can wait.

I took yesterday off of my regular hectic Monday of answering the Monday stream of e-mails, doing button layouts and pressing buttons and shipping yet more books to Amazon that always come on Monday to cook. Jess and I were going to have one of our traditional vegan wine pairings and decided to go all out with the autumn theme. I called it the Equinox Symposium! I got up and baked bread from scratch as well as beans that had soaked over night for a vegan cassoulet with smoked tofu, tempeh and hand made seitan.

We weren’t eating until 8:30 since Jess got off work at 8 but I cleaned the house and prepared everything. Paul and I even went on a walk for my gleaning of fallen fruits. We ended up with apples pears and plums for a fruit cobbler… that everyone had seconds of! Plus zucchini bites, candied carrots, veggies from the yard cooked in wine and the vegan cassoulet. Jess brought some cider, a wine for dinner and a wine for mulling to have for dessert.

It all went well but now I have a messy kitchen to attend to and a pile of buttons art to be cut and pressed. time to get back to work.


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