2009 Portland Zine Symposium

The whole Portland Zine Symposium was sort of a  blur. I haven’t had time to process it. I woke up at 7 this morning and my body and my brain feel like mush but I am unable to fall back asleep. I have so much to do! Then Paul and I are leavning tomorrow morning for the bay area.

Overall I think the symposium was a success. I’m really happy that we make the tablers focus on having zines at their tables. We have already received 1 e-mail thanking us for that. We also did much better with the coffee and food going through 15 pounds of coffee, 2 cases of soy milk, 6 jars of nut butter, 8 jars of jam, 25 pounds of hummus, and hundres and hundreds of bagels. I think I spet more time cleaning up and making coffee that I did sitting behind my own table.

Anyway, Did I mention that I was interviewed on OPB radio with Justin? You can listen to it online here. I think it went pretty well except for the awkward question about this blogs title and the one about answering what the definition of “Underground” was. I refused to answer it because it seemed like a trap of a question that I would then have to frame all my answers to. oh well.

Back to work!


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