Zine Symposium, OPB interview, buttons buttons more buttons

I spent better part of the day working on the program for the Portland ZIne Symposium. It doesn’t look as fun or interesting as my zines usually do but it’s there to have information and it has a lot. We are even including tabler and their table numbers this year which is an improvement. Actually, there are a lot of improvements this year! mainly that we have an awesome crew of people and it’s not ust 3 -4 of us doing everything like last year!

Tomorrow Morning at 9am I’ll be on 91.5 OPB talking about zines! Go here for more info.I talked with a woman today for awhile and the usually problem can up that I talk way too damn fast when I’m excited and it’s hard for me not to be excited about zines!

I also did layout for a bunch of buttons because I have over 3,000 that I need to get out in the next week. They have all been notified of my impending symposium deadline so at least that give me a bit of a break.


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