A weekend of dogs and some garden talk.

It has been a weekend of dogs…. and the cats hating me. I have had my sister and brother-in-laws dogs since Thursday. It’s not that they are bad dogs, they are just really needy and constantly looking at me like “so, when’s mom coming back?” And as many times as I tell them they just stare at me and then go find garbage or cat poop to eat. Currently they are both sleeping in my bed while I type and will accompany me to the airport in a few hours to finally have their question answered. I wonder if all the times they have gone to the airport they just think that one or both of their people jsut stays in that airport building until they decided to come home. who knows.

Yesterday my mom called me to see if I wanted to dog sit for afew hours whil she went shopping. She just got a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel that I hadn’t seen yet. He name is Maggie and she is adorable! I spent a few hours up at the Riverhouse dog sitting for 3. Mostly I just held Maggie who had two modes:I want to bit every inch of you and also sleep. I wish I had more time to spend up there but I had to get home.

The two cats at my house are indoor outdoor so they have been glaring at me with the dogs. Jackie just sits on the porch and watches the dogs who don’t seem to notice him half the time .OK just freaks out and runs away.

The weather has been cloudy and I have been working in my yard a bit. I planted some Morning Glories that I have grown from seed so i’ll have 3 different varieties to entice the Hummingbirds. I also planted some plants I got at a yard sale. Some were mislabeled and some weren’t labeled at all. The woman told me one was a bluebell and it clearly wasn’t. But, I put them in my yard and I have started planning what I’m going to transplant next year to make the yard a bit more colorful during the whole growing season.

Paul and I are also planning to take out our chainlink fence and leave the posts in and attach a picket fence to them .We are also thinking about using the chainlink to make a chicket coop and get chickens next year. We’ll see if it works out.

Right now I have to get up and start my day. Gotta pick up my sister soon and i have a zine symposium meeting tonight that I need to do some work for.

Oh, here’s a new review of Stolen Sharpie Revoluntion 2 on Book Spew.


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