Happy International Zine Month!

So, we have made it to July and it is International Zine Month!

What are you doing to celebrate? Here are some ideas listed on the IZM site:

Make a 24 hour zine. Set up a zine reading, a zine swap, a cut and paste party, a zine fest, or even a simple zine workshop at your local library or community center. Write a letter to every zine you read, leave your zine at random places around town like buses, bathrooms or universities. Order zines directly from the creator, make a shirt with iron on letters that says “ask me about zines”, make buttons with phrases like “zines saved my life” or “do you read zines”. Send out zine fliers with your mail or leave them around your town. Approach shops in your town about carrying zines, donate to zine libraries, start a zine library, and the list goes on!

Here’s what I have been doing:

-wrote long over due letters to zine pen pals.

-thought about doing a 24 hour zine about beer.

-wished lots of people happy International Ziner Month.

-Worked on the International Zine Month site trying to collect all the zine activities in July in one place.

-Put two buttons up on my Etsy site for 20 cents each. One is a design by Emma Jane Falconer (my Etsy team zine co-leader) and says “Up For Trades” to be worn to zine events so people will know you are trade friendly. The other is part of my “Ask me about” series and says “Ask me about zines”.

-Also I’m an organizer for the Portland Zine Symposium. Tables are almost filled up. Saturday is completely booked and there are a few half tables for Friday and Sunday I think .We are also looking for volunteers and some more workshop leaders.

Ok, back to work for me!


One response to “Happy International Zine Month!

  1. i think the 24 hour zine about beer would be awesome..i’m always on the hunt for great new beers 🙂

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