Happy Birthday to me!

I turn 32 today! Right now I’m in bed uploading images from my garden to post here. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing today. 32 is sort of an age that isn’t that important but birthdays are always supposed to be fun I guess. Paul bought me a super fancy Wusthof knife set. I’m in love with how sharp they are and well made. Now I just need  a huge meal to make and try all of them out! I welcomed my birthday in last night alone with the housecats and chamomile tea with real chamomile from my yard. It was seriously the best chamomile tea I have ever had.

Paul was playing a show in Salem and I wasn’t really into going down for it. It was nice to be in the house alone with the cats and the windows open with the evening air coming in. I got some writing done for a zine I have been waffling about putting out. Recent events that I thought would pass are making it necessary in processing for me. At least I’ll have a zine ready for the the symposium, eh?

Here’s a pretty good review of Brainscan 23. It seems to be by someone who doesn’t read a lot of zines. At least she gets the gist of the stories and the layout. That’s why I write zines. I’ m not aspiring to be an author, I’m a zine kid and that’s fine with me.

Here’s a ton of photos from my yard for you to enjoy:

Click here for a slide show.
close up of the weird 2 tone borage
borage in bloom
daisy buds
corner of the hummingbird garden box:Borage, love in a mist and something else I can't remember.
nasturtiums under foxglove
Bird feeder in the middle of the garden
hops next to table
hops growing on old box springs
more hops
jungle corner with blackberries that I allow because I like having ones I can eat!
my feet in the area that I'm removing grass
calendula and alyssm
in the middle of my garden I have old artichoke stocks with sweet peas, climbing nasturtiums, corm and sunflowers
base of artichoke stalks climbing thing


2 responses to “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Congratulations. Thanks for the kewl pics.

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