Riverhouse trip, swimming and looking for a new printer

Paul and I had so much fun at the Riverhouse! We were up there on one of hte hottest day. It was near 90 degrees and we stayed outside in the sun drinking beer and doing a crossword until we got hot enough to get in the river. We took a float out and tied it to a rock and drifted for awhile.  It was really nice.

Then I decided  I wanted to get to a rock in the middle of the river so I struggled outto that but I made it! The I taunted paul to meet me there so he did. Then  I decided that I wanted to get to the other side of the river and made Paul come too. I ended up down stream a bit but not too much. Paul and I sat on the other side of the river and looked at the Riverhouse in a way we never had before. Then we headed upstream above to rapids and crossed back over.

We brought food with us and ate tempeh stirfry the first night and then bar-b-q tofu for lunch and soyrizo tacos for dinner. yum! I also fashioned several drinks with my infused vodka. Strawberry infused vodka and soy creamer. It tastes like alcoholic Strawberry Quick! Strawberry Lime rickey type drink with strawberry infused vodka, lime ade and fresh squeezed limes. Mint infused vodka and ginger ale. Coffee infused vodka and soy creamer.  I think there was another one too. They were all great.

Now I’m home and I have a lot of work to do.  I woke up from a dream where I was writing an e-mail to an upset customer.  That can never be good! Right now I’m searching for a new printer. I think I’m going to have to part ways with my ancient Magicolor 2300. It hasn’t given me any problems (except it hates refurbished toner) but it won’t network and there are no drivers for vista so I have to run it off my even more anciet IBM thinkpad through the network.

Here’s something I wrote up about what I’m looking for. maybe you have some ideas?

I have read all sorts of printer suggestion to the point that my head is starting to hurt and none of them address what I need.

What I do:
I design, print and press 1″ and 1.25″ custom pinback buttons (badges)for bands, artists, non-profits, schools, etc. The artwork ranges from simple black and white text, to color photos,or graphics. I print about 80%-90% coverage per page on 100% post consumer recycled 28 lb laser paper, artwork is cut out, placed under mylar and pressed into a button.

What I have:
I have an aging magicolor 2300 laser printer and I’m looking for a new printer. The Magicolor doesn’t network or have wi-fi and won’t run off my vista computer so I have it hooked up to an old XP machine and print with that through my network. I have had this printer with no real problems for 6-7 years but I think it is time we part ways.

When I got my printer years ago it seemed like color laser was the best option for vibrancy, color retention, water resistance, sharpness, and good price per print. Now I’m not so sure that color laser is the way to go so I need some help. Maybe inkjet might be my best bet now?

What is needed:
*Quality-able to print small details clearly with good color.
*Longevity of prints-prints need to maintain color well through water and sun even though under mylar.
*Cheap print per page at 80%-90% coverage
*Longevity of machine-I’d like a machine that will last me another 6 years if possible.
*I’d say a small-ish volume of 150-200 prints a month.

What would be nice but not imperative:
*some sort of all in one with a scanner

What I don’t care about:
*printing photos on photo paper
*speed of the printer
*size of the printer
*it’s high volume capacity per month

I’m expecting to pay between $500-$800 but could go a bit higher.

Let me hear your suggestions!


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