I don’t think there was any doubt that zines have taken over my life…

Yesterday Paul and I rode to Southeast to his boss’s house. His boss is French but has been here for 20 years. He offered to translate some of the zines I brought back from my trip. It was amusing to have this man in his 50’s read me stuff in a zine about hardcore crust bands! But he generally seemed interested in it and explained some cultural things to me too.

After that Paul and I stopped by Whiffies for fried pies even thought we weren’t hungry. I stashed a vegan pot pie and a apple one in my panniers and we had a few beers at the Basement Pub then sneaked bites of the delicious pasteries. Paul is converted! I know that it only takes him eating some place once to decide if he wants to go back. maybe this will inspire lots of summer crosstown bike trips.

I just realized that almost all of my shirts are zine realted as I pulled on a London Zine Symposium shirt today. I picked up that one and a blue Fanzinotheque shirt on my trip plus the 2 portland zine symposium shirts in heavy rotation (2005, 2008) Two IPRC shirts and a Brainscan shirt. I could wear a zine shirt everyday!

Speaking of zines,  I have a zine symposium meeting at the Vita today and an IPRC shift tomorrow (I think) and then Paul and I are headed to riverhouse! The first time since I have been back in the country! I’m excited. maybe it will be hot enought to make me want to swim?


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