Leeds to Sheffield…

Greetings from Sheffield! Robb and I got in yesterday afternoon and Chella from Chart Your Cycle and Adventures in Menstruating met us at the train station.

So, where I last left off was our reading in Leeds. It was really fun and at this old traditional looking pub. They had reserved the back room and people came! and donated money to us! There were a few readers and a few people playing some songs on guitar. It was nice and low key. And also very lady friendly which was a nice change from the dudefest of the power voilence show the night before.

After the reading we went back to our fantastic hosts house (amy) with some other folks and had tea and a yummy pasta meal. We had stopped at a market on the way back fro some veggies and there was this pile of blue banana guards sitting there and a sign near them saying they were free. I was tempted to take one but decided against it. There were some dancy festivities happening that evening but I was tired from the rushing around and sleep dep from the night before. So everyone left and I did some internetting and then crashed out early.

In the morning we went to the Common Place for a benefit breakfast. It was a traditional style English breakfast that I am beginning to actually like! Beans on toast, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and potatoes. I think I may have to recreate this at home. I do have to work on my fork and knife skills. I’m super impressed with the dexterity of the eating around me. I gave up even looking at knives when I went vegetarian. I think I need to cultive ate this skill.

After that Amy, Robb and I took the bus out to the country side. We sat at the top of a double decker and watched the scenery slide by of rolling green hills of stone wall parceled out fields filled with sheep and little lambs. We ended up in a small town of Ortley and walked around a bit. Wel lost Robb at one point and found a Car boot sale that was closing up. I have avoided buying things because I don’t want to carry anthing but there were plenty of things to tease me there. I did resist!

We got back to Amy’s, got our packed and headed to the train station. The train we got on was totally packed! We ended up standing in the middle area with a few other people. We were only going to Sheffield so I jsut stood and read zines.

Then Chella met us and took us home to her house with her wife Sarah who made us pizza and we I had a few beers. The we walked to a pub and had some more. I had something that was called Hop Head… but it didn’t stand up to my Northwest hopped ales at all. Sarah and Chella taught Robb to swear in French for our trip tomorrow. ya, thanks for that.

We got home and chatted and Chella recorded me telling a menstruation story for a project she is working on. I think I got to bed around 2am. Good times!

I talked with Paul on video chat this morning. It is late at night for him but in the morning he is going to pack a bunch of Etsy orders that he didn’t get out before the postage raising. Oh well. i’m going to have to reevaluate my postage pricing when I get home.

Now we need to catch a train back to London!


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