nottingham… the ‘h’ isn’t really pronouced…

In Brighton somone asked me if I had been corrected on how to say Nottingham without the hard ‘h’ because I was saying it properly. I thought it was funny. In my head it was just like those cities in the eastern US that have lots of extra words that aren’t pronounced. works for me.

I’m in Nottingham staying with Lizzy from Marching Stars zine distro. Robb and I are sleeping on her dorm room floor. Yesterday we took the train up from Brigton. Lizzy refered to it as a long trip…3 hours is hardly a long trip for me. Three hours gets you from my house to Seattle but only in good traffic!

I was here as part of her plan to stoke the fires of the University women’s network zine and get people excited about writing zines and writing for their magazine. Steve from Rum Lad came too. he’s super taleneted. Robb told him he could be the next Christy |Road… and I don’t think that’s too far off.  I forgot that he lived her and that we are livejournal friends! We all geeked out about zines infront of about 7 or 8 confused but intriqued people, I read some stuff from my zines, sold some stuff, then we went to the pub in the student union.

I missed a Real Ale festival by a day! but there were some interesting brews on tap. Steve and I gave eachother geography lessons of our countires in my notebook and he showed me how to order ale here. It has something to do with cocking your eyebrow and tilting your head to the side to get the attention of the person behind the bar. I have not perfected it yet. One of Lizzy’s friends is an American Studies major… which seems a bit odd to me. She was interested in American things like the theory of the Southern Sweet Tea vs. Northern non sweetened ice tea somehow corresponding to the Mason-Dixon line.

Lizzy and her friends have invited me out clubbling tonight. This normally doesn’t appeal to me but I may go. Robb found out from Steve that Capitalist Casualties are playing here tonight and he is excited to go to that. That’s not really my style of music but would be more of my scene than the dance club. I’m still undecided.

I’m waiting for Lizzy to get back from a lecture and then we are headed to town to some vegetarian restaurant. I have been eating some sort of vegan pate like Tartex out of a tube on crackers, almonds, and raisins  for the past day. real food will be good.

Tomorrow morning we are off to Leeds for a zine reading. I’m not sure what to expect… or even who I am meeting as we haven’t met. Never stopped me before.

I found some flickr images of the awesome folks I have met. This is Wes, he bought me a cider after the zine fair and came from |Glastonbury to Brighton to read with us. This is Edd, half of our fantastic host/ess couple in London and really awesome people who do the bulk of the work for the London Ziune Symposium. I’m headed to France with him on Tuesday. This is Andrew from Corndog distro and Beat motel zine.

Oh, the English kids seem to think American accents sound Irish for some reason. I don’t really get it though. Ok Lizzy is back and we are going to head out soon.


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