I’m in Canada…

for a few more hours I’ll be in the Vancouver airport. I had a nice big salad and a beer for luch here… but I set my computer to UK time so really it was sort of dinner?  I hear that’s what you are supposed to do to counter jetlag. I haven’t travled this far in about a decade and I have never handled jetlag well. Hopefully do be better this time.

I’m sort of shocked and surprised at how many people in the International area of the airport are wearing face masks. Nobody wants the next big flu I guess. I hope traveling from North America isn’t a problem because of that. One of the questions I was asked formally when I got here is if I had been diagnosed with a flu of cold in the past 3 weeks. scary stuff!

I’m just going on a geeky zine trip. I bought a bunch of zines to read. A lot of them I have read before but sometimes you just want something familiar.

ok, back to reading zines.


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