Alex Wrekk Uk tour dates May 2009

Wednesday I am making a trip from Portland, Oregon USA to the UK and France for a month of ziney good-ness. I have also put together a mini zine tour with my friend Robb, a zine librarian from New Oreleans, LA USA. I plan on reading some stories from my zines about various topics from travel to relationships, to zines. Robb has adventurous stories including how he saved a zine library from Hurricane Katrina.

3- May London Zine Symposium

5- May zine reading the Cowley Club in Brighton at 7pm

7- May University of Nottingham- Lizzy has set up something at her Univeristy that is sort of a zine primer and launch of their student zine themed around Women’s Issues

9- May Leeds another zine reading more info TBA

12-15 May I head to Poitiers, France for the 20thbirthday of La Fanziotheque. It is a zine librarian event that I’m representing the Independent Publishing Resource Center the Portland Zine Symposium and I guess Portland Zine culture in general. Looking at the schedule this looks like it is going to be soooo much fun!

18-May London reading at pogo cafe

19-May Lonodn Reading at Freedom Books

20-May London 56a Info Shop


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