Stolen Sharpie Revolution makes kids grow strongs and also, the Multnomah County Library is the best library ever!

Tonight we had my last Portland zine symposium meeting before I leave for my trip. I wanted to make sure that as much as I could have done was done and that everyone was on the right page. Things seem to be going well. We had to figure out who gets a full table since there is a limited amount available and we are almost full. A lot of people who want full table seem to be people that are just friends who want to sit together. It is sort of hard to explain that the way our system works it is easier for us if they just register half tables and then tell us who they want to sit with. We are limiting tables to distros, bookstores and people who have a lot of things,.

This brings me to the second thing we had to discuss, food and other things that at not zines. Since the beginning we have stated that at least 51% of you space had to be zines. Each year the seems to be more crafts, jewelery, and food. Which are all awesome things… but this is a zine symposium. It makes me sad to see people spending money on cupcakes, cooking, and earrings when they could be buying awesome zines. ya know? Well, this year we are really inforcing the zine content and also in order to not get in trouble with PSU there will be no food for sale. I’m sure this will upset some people but whatever… It’s a zine fair!

Abeni, a former zine symposium organizer showed up with her son. I gave her a copy of Stolen Sharpie Revolution… with her son proceeded to put in his mouth. I mean it is printed with vegetable based inks, but seriously kid! You are what you eat? is this the best way to make zinesters in training?





Also two of our organizers work at the Multnomah County Library… possibly the coolest library system in the US. Well, they had messenger bags made. What library system has messenger bags made? Portland! I have been looking for a bag that folded up less bulky than my Timbuk2 messenger bag. It’s a terrible to fit in my travel pack. I haven’t seen anything else that would fit my laptop and my stuff though… until tonight! So, I bought the bag of my librarian friend so she could replace hers and I wouldn’t have to run downtown before I leave to pick one up!

Look how awesome this is:

so cool!

so cool!

look! It has a Library Card on it!

I don't think I'll be signing this card!

I don't think I'll be signing this card!

My librarian friend was stoked that I was taking it on my trip and wants me to take pictures of my library card in neat places! I think I’ll do that.

Paul has the next three days off. I think his boss gave it to him so that he has time to spend with me before I leave. I wish I didn’t have so much to do or I would go to the riverhouse before I leave but I have a lot to do. grr.


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