Almost all confirmed UK and France Zine tour itinerary!

So, my itinerary for my UK and France trip is starting to firm up and I’m getting super excited! I think I have most of my stuff in order and all the things I needed shipped have been shipped. I just hope they make it to the UK intact. I haven’t left North American in over 10 years and I have never done it alone but I think I know enough zine friendly people that thing will work out great!

– April Get to London and drag my Jetlagged ass to a zine friendly stranger’s house and try very hard not to fall asleep.

3- May London Zine Symposium
I’m starting to think I overbooked myself.  A one day zine fest where I’m supposed to
a)  have a zine reading
b) teach a workshop about zines and Etsy
c) be on a panel about putting on zine events
when am I ever going to be at my table? I’m going to have to recruit a friendly person to help!

4- May headed to Brighton for crucial hangouts

5- May or 6-May Brighton zine reading maybe (My friend Robb that  I will be traveling with  has been talking to the Cowley Club but nothing is confirmed yet)

7- May University of Nottingham- Lizzy has set up something at her Univeristy that is sort of a zine primer and launch of their student zine themed around Women’s Issues

9- May Leeds a reading is in the works. more info TBA

12-May I head to Poitiers, France for the 20thbirthday of La Fanziotheque. It is a zine librarian event that I’m representing the Independent Publishing Resource Center the Portland Zine Symposium and I guess Portland Zine culture in general. Looking at the schedule this looks like it is going to be soooo much fun!

17-head back to London

18-May London reading at pogo cafe

20-May Londong 56a Info Shop

21-Fly out of London

I have a few gaps in there but I think that is a good thing to be able to spend some time actually getting to know people and hang out and have people show me their towns through their eyes. To me, that’s the best part of traveling.

Now I just need to figure out how much UK sweets with real cane sugar and w/o gelitan I can fit in my pack as well as zines and Doctor Who things to bring back for Paul. Hey, I gotta bring him something for doing my work of sending out orders and making buttons!


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