Paul  I spent only one night up at the Riverhouse and it wasn’t enough. I needed to get home and stress out about orders and long lists of question type interview things I have been sent in e-mails and make sure everything is good to go when the books shows up…

Well, UPS estimated that my books would get here today… they didn’t now they say tomorrow. It’s ok, I have work to keep me busy.

Paul and I got back last night and dropped off the Zipcar. It was over on Greely and we were going to catch a bus but ended up walked a good portion of the way. My sister had gotten us gift certificates to Portland Center Stage. I think it was because it was a LEED platinum building, and not so much for the art that happens inside. It’s ok, she’s an architect. Paul and I had tickets to see Crazy Enough. A one woman play/musical autobiographical thing. It was really enjoyable and the music was great.  I think I made the comment to Paul that it is zines but with music. I love people telling their own stories in the best way they know how.

We cam back from the Theatre tired last night and I saw something moving in our backyard. It looked bigger than the cats and when I looked harder I realized that it was a raccoon. It was digging in my garden! i yelled at it but didn’t want to get to close because raccoons and mean and smart, a bad/good combination. I have lived in this house since 2001 and I have never seen one in my yard!

I got inside and knocked on the window and yelled at it but it jsut started at me all cute and vicious. Paul went out there weilding a microphone stand and yelling at it and chased it up a tree. I later took these photos of the tree strnaged cutie.





I took some more photos of the Riverhouse that I plan on putting up too.


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